Latest Update: Nov 26, 2011

An X-Ray file generator for Kindle Touch

(Required. URL from book page)

(Optional. Link for the book's wikipedia page.)

(Required. Copy & paste EXACTLY as it appears from mobi2mobi, including all the "-" if there is any. Sample output: "9f71ae3e-53e8-408a-96e5-3e8f3c323d25", "B004LROUW2", "ML7OBRYNQT3MA5GNUTQDX65XNSF533FL", etc...)

(Optional only if the file does not have a database name. Use mobi2mobi to check)

(Required. Also named "uniqid" under mobi2mobi)




Note: if you do not see the X-RAY button on your kindle or it says "X-RAY is not available for this book" after you've transfered the file, you probably have the wrong ASIN, Database Name, or GUID.

So pretty much everything except the URL can be extracted by using mobi2mobi. Below is a sample output page: